Anna Kohlweis, born in 1984 in Klagenfurt, Austria, is a multimedia artist, singer and songwriter, music producer and illustrator working in painting, video, drawing, fiber art, sound, and photography. Anna Kohlweis has been a performer and recording artist both as Paper Bird (2006-2012) and Squalloscope (2012-present) and utilizes visual arts and music in equal measures to create a narrative universe highly influenced by the politics of being alive, the rhythm of spoken word, cartoon aesthetics, the impending apocalypse, intense hope, travel, anxiety attacks, the intensely personal and the slightly wacky. 

She studied theater- film- and media studies at the university of Vienna before switching to the academy of fine arts Vienna in 2009, where she received her (M.A.) in fine arts in Ashley Hans Scheirl's class for contextual painting in 2014.

Anna Kohlweis self-releases small-batch narrative graphic works as Camp Frienemy Press. Her work has been published in various magazines and regularly featured on radio and television in Austria and Germany. She has exhibited and performed in Austria, Germany, Italy and the United States and was an artist in residence at Paul Artspace in St.Louis, Missouri, the Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the Red Bull Music Academy 2013 in New York City. She received the Art Award of the City of Villach in 2015.

Anna Kohlweis is currently based in Vienna, Austria.
Her 5th full-length solo album "Exoskeletons For Children" and its visual components was released in late 2017 on Seayou Records ( Austria) and Fake Four Inc. (US).

(photograph on this page by Andreas Jakwerth.)

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* June 30 1984
in Klagenfurt, Austria

2004 – 2009 University of Vienna, theater- film- and media studies
2008 – 2014 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, fine arts, (M.A.)


Paper Bird - Peninsula (2006, Album, Seayou Records)
Paper Bird - Cryptozoology (2008, Album, Seayou Records)
Paper Bird - Thaumatrope (2009, Album, Seayou Records)
Paper Bird - Split 7'' with Boy Omega (2011, Seayou Records)
Squalloscope - Soft Invasions (2012, Album, Seayou Records)
Squalloscope - Desert (2013, EP, Seayou Records)
Split 7'' with Love Cult & Pick a Piper (2014, Full of Nothing)
Squalloscope - Dispenser Box (2015, EP, Seayou Records)
Squalloscope - Gunk (2016, EP, self released)
Squalloscope - Exoskeletons For Children (2017, Album, Seayou Recs. & Fake Four Inc.)

Film music:
Wir Fliegen (Ulrike Kofler, 2013)
Der Zuhälter und seine Trophäen (Antoinette Zwirchmayr, 2014)
Elefanten (Michaela Taschek, 2014)
Doppelgänger (Michaela Taschek, 2017)


self-published works since 2011 (Camp Frienemy Press):

Legal Guardians (2011)
Sadness (2012) 
Stories from the Period Period 1 & 2 (2012 & 2013)
Symmetry (2013) 
Velocitrapdoor (2013) 
Going Places (2013) 
Desert Pacific Octopi (2013)
Ten Small Hopes (2017)
Zine Against Death (2017)
Exoskeletons for Children - a Manual / Notebook (2017)

Cartoons have been published in Fleisch magazinan.schlägePeriod the zine, and Astra Tidskriften.


2013 Red Bull Music Academy New York
2015 Bank Austria Kunstpreis Kärnten, 2nd prize
2015 Preis der Stadt Villach
2015 Artist in Residence, Elsewhere - A Living Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina
2015 Artist in Residence, Paul Artspace, St.Louis, Missouri


* no dog – hyper flux!, Masc foundation, Vienna
* group exhibition of the class for contextual painting, Kulturdrogerie Vienna
* Sauna 2010 – Festival für extensive Kunst, Brut im Konzerthaus, Vienna
* What a Drag! Brut Vienna
* LICHENISIERUNG group exhibition, moe Vienna
* LICHENISIERUNG: Beauty, group performance of the artist collective, Brut Vienna
* Stories of the period and other bloody facts, Kulturhofkeller, Villach
* 77 – das Magazin, exhibition for the first issue, moë Vienna
* Atonia View, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
xposit eins fünfzehn, presenting Graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
* Bank Austria Kunstpreis Kärnten finalists, Galerie 3, Klagenfurt
* Reprographicon, Herbert Popup Gallery, Klagenfurt
* Permanent Resident, Elsewhere, Greensboro, North Carolina
* No Rest for the Crickets, Paul Artspace, St.Louis, Missouri
* Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach