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July 25: Vienna, A: Popfest Vienna

August 14: Klagenfurt, A: Hafenstadt

August 16: Hannover, GER: Platzprojekt Hannover

August 17: Kulturgut Poggenhagen, GER: Parkbeben & Friends

August 18: Offenbach am Main, GER: Hafen 2

August 30: Vienna, A: Radsommer am Donaukanal


BOOKING: treehouse@annakohlweis.com


photograph by David Višnjić

photograph by David Višnjić

photo by David Visnjic


It’s a stark moment on the album, pure, wholesome melancholy that bears down on the listener like an anchor at sea. Listen.
— (Angel E. Fraden, Indiecurrent, about "Clutter")
Bloodbaths For Birds” will stab you in the stomach in your sleep, wide-eyed and straight-faced. Track 8 is called “Z-E-P-H-Y-R” and you better fucking play it. Warning: might make you cry. This is made for nights on the interstate in the rain.
— (Greg Gonzales, KAMP Arizona, about "Soft Invasions")
I felt like someone had just run over my emotions with a cheese grater.
— (Katerina R., via email)
Nicht nur textlich ist „Exoskeletons for Children“ wunderschön und ergreifend, in seiner Offenheit stellenweise kaum zu ertragen. Die Ein-Frau-Band kreiert Songs die berühren, aufwühlen, den Hörer gleichermaßen traurig und fröhlich zurücklassen. Kohlweis ist mit ihrem zweiten Album als Squalloscope ein musikalisches Meisterstück gelungen.
— (Philip Dulle, Profil)

Squalloscope is Anna Kohlweis, who exists as a multimedia artist, illustrator, music producer, composer, songer and singwriter based in Austria. Between 2006 and 2011 she was also known as Paper Bird, a name under which she released three full-length albums. Anna Kohlweis works as a solitary force on songwriting, production, recording, artwork, and music videos and is dedicated to rhymes, multi-layered choirs, field recordings, loops, vaguely sloppy beats, the rage of her thirties, the intensely personal, and quite possibly the slightly wacky.

Squalloscope releases include the album “Soft Invasions", two EPs, “Desert” and “Dispenser Box” (Seayou), as well as the self-released EP “Unpleasant Design”. Her fifth full-length album “Exoskeletons For Children” is now out on Seayou Records and Fake Four Inc.


CONTACT: squalloscope @ annakohlweis.com